Stanislav Kravtsov is a swindler, fraudster and scammer: Questra/AGAM founder

Stanislav Kravtsov

Stanislav Sergeyevich Kravtsov (Cheslav Pestyuk’s right-hand man in Russia and Kazakhstan).
Formerly, the owner of New Business Vision Ltd., 39 Shkolnaya St., apt. 72, Podolsk, Russia. Graduated from NRTU MIS&A, 2007.
Phone number: 8-926-597-79-17, e-mail address:
Skype account (the same as his username on the Internet): michikami1
Profile on

Connected persons:
Brother Seryoga Kravtsov – Podolsk, Moscow, Russia.
Romantic interest Irina Kuzmina – Klimovsk, Russia. Place of employment: PepsiCo, sister Irishka Basmanova and sister Anastasiya Orekhova.

Connection with the old team and the old frauds:
Essentially, he isn’t hiding and can be found quickly, considering that Stanislav hasn't changed his phone number, e-mail address and Skype account (nor his username).

Stanislav Kravtsov was entrusted with developing the fraud in Russia and Kazakhstan, which he started doing literally at once – as soon as he appeared on the horizon:

Interesting photos and videos with Stanislav Kravtsov:

Stanislav Kravtsov and the Questra World and AGAM fraud:
There are more than enough facts, including photo and video materials; in the "Backups and Information Sources" section there is an archive of all the accomplices, among other things, the archive contains data about Stanislav Kravtsov:

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