School Functions and Graduations

Are you looking for a  DJ that will Rock your school event?

Look no further, Jam Music is your answer!

We know a teenage crowd can sometimes be very specific about their music, so listening to their suggestions is important. That is why we spend a lot of time researching the hottest trends in music and then we weave those trends into a school dance with style! We keep up with all of that new music and we create our own mixes! 


Whether it’s a homecoming, prom, graduation, or any other dance; we understand the effort that’s put into it by both staff and students. Let Jam Music help you give your students or classmates something to remember! Because let’s face it, high school memories; whether good or bad; can stay with us forever!

No matter the reason for you event, Jam music can provide a vast array of music, quality sound, a slide show presentation, lighting, monograms if desired.

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