Anniversary, Birthdays and Reunions


If you are celebrating a special anniversary, JAM MUSIC can be there to take you on a trip down memory lane. We have a huge music library with every kind of genre of music. You, your guests and your friends will have an awesome time from the minute they arrive until the end of the night.  

Birthdays -Before or After 16

JAM MUSIC provides sound and lighting that create fun, excitement, and entertainment for your birthday party. Whether you are under 16 or over, you can dance the night away while you interact with your guests to your favorite tunes.

Reunions (Class or Family)

JAM MUSIC understands reunions are a time for people to get together, talk about past days and catching up on each other’s current events. It’s also a time to have Fun!

No matter the reason for your event, JAM MUSIC can provide a vast array of music, quality sound, slide show presentation, lighting and monograms if desired.

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