1. What makes Jam Music different than other entertainment companies?
  2. When do I need to book your services?
  3. I have decided to book with your company, what do I need to do?
  4. What is included in your price? Why don’t you publish your price on your website?
  5. What should I look for when hiring a DJ for my event?
  6. When will you arrive at my event?
  7. I will need assistance with selecting the music and timing of events. Can you help?
  8. Can we provide the DJ with our own personal music to play at our event?
  9. Can we see our DJ perform live?
  10. What will my DJ wear to the event?
  11. Will the DJ make any announcements that I need?
  12. Do you take requests from my guests?
  13. What kind of music will you play during cocktails and dinner?
  14. Should I tip my DJ?
  15. Night Club vs. a Wedding DJ

Q. What makes Jam Music different than other entertainment companies?
A. At Jam Music we encourage our clients to let us assist them in creating an experience that all their guests will enjoy. This begins by discussing with our customers and determining their expectations. Based on our conversation, we will recommend a package that will meet those needs.

Q. When do I need to book your services?
A. Since we can only perform a certain number events on any given day, it is recommended that you book with us as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more competition there is for your date. However, if you are trying to plan an event with short lead-time please call us, as we will try to do everything possible to accommodate your request. We have provided services at events that were booked over a year in advance as well as only having a few hours notice.

Q. I have decided to book with your company what do I need to do?
A. Once you have made the decision to book with us, you need to sign your entertainment agreement. If you don’t already have one, please “contact us” to request an agreement. Please return a signed agreement and required deposit via mail or online to secure your date.

Q. What is included in your price? Why don’t you publish your price on your website?
A. Our policy is to review, discuss and recommend various services for our customers prior to pricing.  This allows us to present a package that will meet your needs. Everyone has different expectations when booking entertainment for their event so we offer several options, including a number of DJs, number of sound systems, location of systems, extended lighting, length of contract, etc,.  The combination of services will determine your individual package and associated cost.

Q. What should I look for when hiring a DJ for my event?
A. Selecting the right DJ for your event is important.  A DJ can help create the atmosphere that you wish to set. We have several packages designed to provide an entertainment option for different visions and different budgets. While we would love for you to hire us; ultimately the best choice is the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Q. When will you arrive at my event?
A. Our DJs arrive at least to 1-hour prior to the event start time. Although our system can be set up in less than 20 minutes, we allow plenty of time to test all components and make adjustments for optimal sound performance at your venue. Under most circumstances, there is no additional charge for setup and tear down time. The time that you book our DJs for is 100% performance time.

Q. I will need assistance with selecting the music and timing of events. Can you help?
A. We are available by phone and email to discuss your ideas and offer suggestions. Our event planners are experts at coordinating the entertainment for your event. Once you have secured our services, feel free to contact us to assist with even the smallest detail.

Q. Can we provide the DJ with our own personal music to play at our event?
A. We are always willing to play selections from your personal music collection. However, we do ask that you provide your selections to the DJ at least two weeks prior to the event. Our DJs will audition the music to ensure that the requested songs plays correctly and the DJ will be able to get familiar with the music to determine the best way to incorporate them with your other music selections. All music you provide will be promptly returned to you.

Q. Can we see our DJ perform live?
A.We do not invite potential clients to private performances as a courtesy to our other clients. When we perform at public events, you are more than welcome to observe us at these events. When the DJ is working at an event his time to meet with clients is limited. Please feel free to talk to him but respect his need to do his job. We also perform at various bridal shows, DJ showcases, and other events that you are more than welcome to attend. At these events our DJs are completely focused on answering questions of potential clients.

Q. What will my DJ wear to the event?
A.All our DJs normally wear black tuxedo’s to formal events at no additional cost to you. For more casual events, the DJ will accommodate your required dress code from a suit and tie to more casual attire. The change in uniform is made by your request.

Q. Will the disc jockey make any announcements that I need?
A. All our DJs are seasoned professionals capable of adapting their natural style to your needs. Whether you want an outgoing and energetic DJ Entertainer or a professional Master of Ceremonies that keeps the activities on track and the guests informed or a low-key DJ playing great music; it is completely your choice.

Q. Do you take requests from my guests?
A. That is completely up to you. We will welcome all requests from your guests if that is your decision. When you complete your music request list, you are able to select music that you DO NOT want played. If we get a request for a song that is on your DO NOT play list, then our DJs are able to handle this very diplomatically without upsetting any of your guests.

Q. What kind of music will you play during cocktails and dinner?
A. We typically play more mellow music during this time: jazz, instrumentals and love songs. We keep the volume low so your guests can talk to each other comfortably. However, the ultimate choice is up to you. We will honor your music requests during the entire event.

Q. Should I tip my DJ?
A. Feel free to tip your DJ if you wish. The DJ will accept it as the utmost compliment. While a tip is not expected, it is always appreciated.

Q. Night Club vs. a Wedding DJ?
A.  All of our DJs are extremely talented and have real nightclub experience. But more importantly, we know the difference between a nightclub and a wedding!

 Sometimes a Nightclub DJ that you recruit from your favorite club has no idea how to conduct a wedding! Although, some of the same challenges may arise but on a different level:

  • He may not be a trained MC
  • He may have a problem playing songs that you or your guests want to hear on your special day
  • Many confuse arrogance for confidence
  • He may not know how a reception timeline should flow

The term “Wedding DJ” kind of has a bad reputation. Mostly because of the amateur DJs that are available or the cheesy DJs that are set in their old ways, playing only old songs or only songs that they like; not transitioning well from one song to the next, and sometimes being unprofessional on the microphone.

 A true DJ Professional should be able to adapt to any event. At a Wedding, the needs of the bride & groom and their guests should come FIRST, not his “DJ Ego”


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